A beautifully decorated baby shower cake.

About Guy's Cakes

Gaetano Arria comes from a family of bakers all the way from Sicily, his father was a baker for many years and that's how Guy got started. At the age of 11 his father started bringing Guy to the bakery with him as often as possible where he would help out around the bakery, performing many different jobs. He very quickly figured out that he wanted to do it all. By the time he was 16, he decided he wanted to make cakes and pastries. He would eventually venture out to the city to look for a bigger challenge. For many years Gaetano worked at one of Boston's top bakeries were he went on to become one of Boston's top executive pastry chefs.

For more than 30 years he has been fine tuning his craft; making cakes and pastries for our country's presidents, sports figures and celebrities, as well as for thousands of others.

Now, finally, after many years of hearing people tell him to open his own business, he and his wife Maria have decided to open a bakery in Medway and is looking forward to pleasing the residents of many of the neighboring towns and cities for many years to come with his creations.

If you'd like to contact Guy's Cakes for a quote on a custom cake for your event, please give us a call at 774-277-3838 (Medway). 

Birthday Cakes, Shower Cakes, Graduation Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Seasonal Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Special Event Cakes, all custom designed for your event.

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